Forest Evergreen first appeared in the episode, Batter Up!.


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  • Although he is a lumberjack, he mainly sticks to tapping trees for syrup and never cuts down trees, although he intended to in Timber.
    • Instead of an axe, he uses his beaver like a chainsaw to cut down trees.
    • He is also a builder, a wood craftsman, a carpenter, a maple farmer and the Leader of the Timber Rangers (as shown in Eight Legged Friend).
  • Beaver often carves a beaver with a ribbon on its ear, hinting he wants a girlfriend. However, Forest doesn't seem to notice this. This is a rare trait among pets.
  • Forest's voice gets deeper in Season 2.
  • He and Peanut are Laloopsy Land's strongest lifters.
  • In Belly Laugh, he is awarded by Rosy as the World's Most Patient Patient.
  • His beaver, Ace's Monkey, Bea's Owl and Tippy's Swan are the only pets shown to have made a facepalm gesture (at least once). Beaver uses his tail to execute the gesture.
  • He feels uncomfortable when having too many visitors coming to his house.
  • Like Pix E. Flutters, he has fear of heights. However, he also gets sick when looking down for too long.
  • Beaver has a heart-shaped mark found on his lower back.
  • He has the deepest voice for male characters.
  • Mango's Mainland Holiday reveals that he isn't a very good singer.
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