This song is from Episode 10a - Storm E Gets Homesick. 

Song is sung by Storm E but Jewel spies on her as she sings. I'll put on what she said as well.


Had a dream of a great big shoe

Paddled it like a canoe

Floating in a Rainbow pond 

A red, orange, yellow, green, and blue ah.

oh oh way...... i'm just gonna float my cares away.

Jewel : A canoe??? A rainbow pond ???? FASCINATING......

Sailed past a great big tower

Made of marshmallows covered in flowers

In a window was a bear

Keep him a ride out of there (saying)

oh oh way..... i'm just gonna float my cares away.

Jewel : Cat, are you getting all of this? A tower made of marshmallows and a bear.

Saw a windmill turning back

Blowing out a great big blast

Didn't seem to accomplish much

So we just rolled right on past (saying)

oh oh wayyyyyyy i'm just gonna float my care away.

Jewel : Windmill???     Great Big Blast???    Why is it turning so fast???


( Guitar Beats )

--- END ---

Credit to: RenierWarrior for the video.

We're Lalaloopsy - Float my cares away01:28

We're Lalaloopsy - Float my cares away

Float My Cares Away by Storm E. Sky

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