Float my cares away is a song featured on the episode "Storm E. Gets Homesick" and it's sung by Storm E. Sky while Jewel spies on her because she believes what Storm E. its planning to get out of the Town Square.


[Storm E. Sky]
I had a dream of a great big shoe,
paddled it like a canoe.

Floating in a Rainbow pond.
Of red, orange, yellow, green, and blue.

[Jewel]: (Talking) A canoe?. A rainbow pond?. Fascinating!

We sailed past a great big tower,
made of marshmallows covered in flowers,
In a window was a bear.
give him a ride right out of there.
I said.


[Jewel]: (Talking) Cat, are you getting all this?
A tower made of marshmallows and a bear.

Saw a windmill turning fast,
blowing out a great big blast.

Didn't seem to accomplish much,
so we just rolled right on past.


[Jewel]: (Talking) Windmill?. Great big blast?. Why it was turning so fast?


[Guitar Beats]

Oh, oh, hey!
I'm just gonna float my cares away.

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