Context : this song is located in Episode 3b - Rosy Needs a Hug from the Netflix Series.

Sung by : Storm E. Sky well along with Rosy cuz in the video she sung along with her.

Find Our Way Home ( Lyrics ) :

Lyrics :

Sometimes your'e stuck in a great big hole.

All alone no way out, nowhere to go.

Down and out,  in underground

Cause you're stuck at rock bottom

With no one around...........

You need someone to lend a hand

To take you back up

or the help you stand.

A little push, a boost, or a lift

Or someone make you can least

I'm down here with.......


So you'll be my ladder

I'll be your stare

We'll reach from new heights

Climb up anywhere

Get up, and get out

Find our way home

Together we'll never be

Stuck here alone (x2)

Rosy : Storm E. that was fantastic.

--- END ---

The video of course :

This is from : RenierWarrior

We're Lalaloopsy - Find Our Way Home01:04

We're Lalaloopsy - Find Our Way Home

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