This page describes Ember Flicker Flame's relationships with other characters in the Lalaloopsy series and other media sources.


Red Fiery Flame






Dyna Might

In Out On a Limb, Ember and Dyna Might both come at the same time to save Mittens, Peanut, and Forest out of the tree. They both argue and compete on saving them. Dyna even belittles Ember's ladder, saying its too short. Dyna later uses Gizmo X to get them out of the tree, but it sucks up other things and explodes. After seeing Mittens and Peanut work together to save Forest from the broken branch, they decide to use Ember's hose and Spot's wooden machine to bring the tree down and their friends to safety. After that, they get stuck in the tree and they argue again on who should save themselves first.

Love interests

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Forest Evergreen

S2E21 Girls and boy hug

In Out On a Limb, Ember really wanted to save Mittens, Peanut, and especially Forest from the tallest tree in Lalaloopsy Land. After Gizmo X exploded, Ember and Dyna used Spot's contraption to lower the tree down and bring their friends to safety. After they got down, Ember and Forest hugged each other, implying they that both have crushes on each other. Forest even called Ember his hero. Also, Forest was staring at her a lot, and he said "Where does she think we're going?" referring to Ember.

ved Relationships
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