Dyna Might first appeared in the episode, Dyna-mic Duo.


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  • Jessica Hilbrecht is the sister of Andrew Hilbrecht, voice of Patch Treaurechest.
  • Jessica Hilbrecht also voices Pickles B.L.T.Suzette La Sweet and Jamberry.
  • A running gag is that when she goes looking for something, she doesn't realize that she already has it.
  • She has antagonized Peanut as a villain once.
  • Another running gag is she makes references to Batman.
    • Dynamic Duo is the common group name of Batman and Robin.
    • In Out On a Limb and No Laughing Matter, she talks in a gravelly Batman voice.
    • In No Laughing Matter, in one scene, Dyna picks up her cape and drapes it around her arm in a similar fashion as would Alfred Pennyworth, Batman's butler.
    • Dyna treats Peanut like she's the Joker.
    • Dyna also treats Raccoon like Robin.
    • Like Batman, she does not possess any real superpowers, she relies on her genius intellect, physical prowess, martial arts abilities, detective skills, and science and technology.
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