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Dyna Might
Dyna Might Lalaloopsy


Lalaloopsy Full Size

Sewn on

April 28th (National Superhero Day)

Sewn from

A Superhero's Cape



Dyna Might is a new Lalaloopsy super hero who has the urge to save the day! She can fly just about anywhere and her sidekick is her trusty raccoon. Together they make an awesome crime-fighting duo. 

Recently Dyna had a little sister revealed, Tiny Might.


Dyna is a fearless action star who loves wearing disguises, running at super speed and saving the day with her pink-powered goggles!


Dyna is a fair skinned girl with black button eyes normally protected by a pair of white goggles with pink lenses. Her cheeks are bright red. She has bright green hair worn in pigtail-buns held with small red bows and straight cut bangs. She has a small cowlick at the top of her head.

Dyna's attire is very flashy! She wears an orange dress with shiny orange stars, a bright pink belt with a big yellow button in the center, red-orange leggings, tall white boots with dark orange soles, and a green-yellow cape with pink polka-dotted lining.


Dyna's pet is her adorable little raccoon. He wears a magenta mask over his eyes to protect his secret identity of course!


Dyna Might's home is super amazing! Her house rests on a cloud hovering in the sky. It's decorated in many gold stars all across its walls and roof. Hanging from the top window is a long rope-ladder, allowing her friends to come over. Right next to her home is a red telephone booth where Dyna changes into her costume.


  • Dyna Might Full Size Doll
  • Dyna Might Series #9 Miniature


  • Dyna is the third Lalaloopsy to feature removable eyewear. Pillow Featherbed was the first, and Patch Treasurechest was the second.
  • Dyna's phone booth is a tribute to those of which Clark Kent would change into his superhero outfit
  • According to the Ultimate Collector's Guide, both Dyna and Trouble have a dislike for "Bad guys".


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