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Dot Starlight was released first in July 2010 as a standard large doll. She is the seventh character-doll. Dot was and still remains to be the Lalaloopsy doll with the darkest complexion. Dot unfortunately is not a popular in merchandise and is thus far the most elusive character in any line. Out of all other characters in her series, she is the only to not have a designated Little sibling doll, soft doll, and/or Silly Hair - Loopy Hair, as well as having no additional mini other than her original.



Dot Box
Line: Large
Release: July 2010
Description: Dot Starlight as a standard large core doll, the first merchandise for this character.
Trivia: Originally labeled Bitty Buttons.

Dot Starlight (Sew Limited Edition 2013)
Line: Large
Release: August 2013
Description: Dot Starlight was re-released as a standard large core doll for a limited time with the original series.
Trivia: Unlike her original Bitty Buttons/Lalaloopsy releases, she now has a drainage hole.

Mini Dot Box
Line: Mini
Release: 2011
Doll(s) included: Dot Starlight Ser. 1
Piece(s) included:
Description: Bird - model rocket - telescope - globe
Trivia: First to use her outfit mold, later recolored by Crumbs Sugar Cookie, Scraps Stitched 'N' Sewn, and Bea Spells-a-Lot


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