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Dot's Big Storm is the twenty-third episode of Season 1 of the Netflix Series.


No longer feeling welcome in town, Storm E. asks Dot to concoct rain to power her van.


The episode starts in Storm E's Van as she packs up after the controversial ending last episode. She reallly wants to leave the land but her fuel is empty. So, she went to ask Dot but she's shy to say it so she went to her anyways

In Dot's house Jewel shows out her umbrella shade and impressed her. After that, she left and Storm E. rolled in and told Dot to fill her car up and with the moment she said that, she was shocked and Storm E. also told her to keep it a secret but Dot isn't good at secrets. So, she went for it anyways.

Dot now uses the rain machine but using a different way bumping into the machine. And with that it rained and it went too much hard after Dot celebrated that she made it rain. When Storm E. saw the rain dropped, she was impressed and just depressed herself that she's done with the land.

The setting now moved to Crumb's Cafe as Crumbs and Rosy set up for the rain storm and it made Rosy panic. Now Spot enters flailing at the doorstep and telling to them about her canvas and just left out into the rain. After a few minutes, Jewel came in scared of the rain and just calming them. And then Dot entered and nearly told the secret as I said, she is not good at secrets.

Now this is the part where Storm E. sang the song "It Never Rains But It Pours" as the rest of the people like Ace, Forest, Sunny, and Berry enter Crumb's house. And as the song ends, Spot tries to knock the door of her van to come with her but she is covered in her headphones. But Spot notices the storm getting worse so she left her and moved on.

When Spot arrived, she told them that she was'nt coming here and everyone reacted and again Dot with the near miss again and finally they reside in Crumb's house for the night. As night falls, Forest now tells them a camp story which made Rosy scared. The storm continued throughout the night as the slept their way through it including Storm E.

Finally, at dawn the rain resides and everyone was feeling ok. A few seconds later, Spot asks herself on why Storm E. did'nt come here to stay here for the night and that's where Dot comes out crazy and tells them the part of the secret since Dot's bird blocked the last statements and Rosy and Jewel reacted to it. Everyone looks outside and there's a rainbow ending at Storm E's house in which Spot is telling a sign that there is still a chance to convince her. But Crumbs stops her and telling her that let's just give her time about it as long as we don't harm her too hard.

And then, Storm E. wakes up checking up and seeing the fuel tank being full now. And said this last 3 words - "We leave tomorrow." And that's where Episode 12a ends.

- Summary from : KingDerp21






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