Color Me is a spin-off line that encourages full customization of Lalaloopsy through coloring. Not only can the doll be colored but its clothes and pet can as well. Color Me dolls come with a heart shaped sponge that allows you to clean off the doll to recolor again and again.


Now you can add your own personal touch to Lalaloopsy with the Color Me collection! Use erasable markers to draw, color, and stamp your own designs onto Lalaloopsy, her clothes and pet! Then erase with water to do over and over again.


The line features two separate characters. 

  1. Squiggles N' Shapes
  2. Trace E. Doodles


  • On July 17, 2014 - Color Me dolls were announced on its Facebook page for the “Christmas in July Sale Preview” show on QVC. They were only available while supplies last.


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