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Cloud E. Sky
Cloud E. Sky
Sewn on August 22nd
Sewn from Wisps of a Cloud
Pet Poodle

Cloud E. Sky is Lalaloopsy Land's gentlest and most lighthearted resident angel. She's girly, giggly and very soft-spoken. She loves daydreaming and is so light and airy, she barely makes a sound! Cloud E. is the older sister of little Breeze E. Sky. Her name comes from the white fluffy clouds that make up her appearance, as well as the bright blue sky that matches her eyes!

About Cloud E.


Cloud E. is a fair skin girl with sky blue button eyes and bright, pale pink blushing cheeks. Her hair is white with faded, pale pink streaks throughout it. Her hair is mostly worn up resembling pigtails/buns with a single pastel pink bow on the left. Her bangs are very curly. Cloud E. also has a silver halo and small white stars near her left eye and a pair of wings.

She wears a soft pink dress with a puffed glittery, layer skirt and multiple pieces of silver, glittering lace around her chest and upper-arm. Her sleeves resemble the princess-puff style ending at her wrists. She also has white socks and pastel pink Mary Jane shoes with white bows.


Cloud E. Sky's pet is a is puffy white poodle with black button eyes and tiny pink bows on both ears/puffs and tail. It lacks a mouth.


Cloud E.'s home and land is very soft and airy. Usually it appears to be mid-day, after a beautiful sunset has passed. The plants around her home resemble clouds, including a sparkly pink cloud her poodle can often be found playing on. A lot of items glitter, sparkle, or shine.

The house itself is blue with cloud lining and a fluffy, very pale pink roof. The chimney is blue with pink lace lining. The windows of her home resemble sticks, to give her roof a cotton candy look.


  • August 22nd is National Be an Angel Day.
  • Cloud E. Sky debuted alongside April Sunsplash.
  • She is the second Lalaloopsy to have blue eyes.
  • Cloud E. and Storm E. aren't twins, but they are sisters.
  • On her poster her cheeks are darker and the bows on her shoes are pink instead of white.

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