Cinder Slippers was first released in December 2011 as a mini belonging to Series 7.


Series 7 - Fairy Tales Collection

Line: Mini
Release: December 2011
Doll(s) included: Series 7 Cinder Slippers & Prince Handsome
Piece(s) included:
  • Two mice
  • Sword
  • Pillow
  • Pumpkin
Description: Cinder Slippers's first mini, the first merchandise for this character.
  • Cinder is wearing her glass slippers on her feet however they are additionally placed on top of the pillow accessory.

Large Core Doll

Line: Large
Release: July 2012
Description: Cinder Slippers as a standard large core doll, copies the look of her signature mini.
  • The design of Cinder Slippers' large doll was completely changed from her original debut. The character's skin and hair were both lightened quite noticeably. In later media it would turn out that this redesign of Cinder would be her permanent look.

Sister Pack Mini

Line: Mini
Release: January 2016
Doll(s) included: Cinder Slippers and Ribbon Slippers Sister Pack
Piece(s) included: Mouse
Description: For the first time, Cinder's little sister Ribbon has been made mini and both are sold together.
Trivia: Ribbon does not come with her pet Pumpkin.

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