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Cinder Slippers


Lalaloopsy Full Sized Doll

Sewn On

September 5th (Be Late For Something Day)

Sewn From

Cinderella's Dress


White Mouse

Cinder Slippers is based on the classic fairy tale, Cinderella. Originally a Mini, Cinder Slippers was then made into a Full Size. She is accompanied by none other than Prince Handsome.


Cinder Slippers is a very busy girl who always makes sure to do her chores. In fact, that's why she's always busy!

her dress pattern
Her favorite shoes are glass slippers but unfortunately she cannot keep watch over them for too long and is always losing them...


Cinder Slippers is a fair-skinned girl who used to be tan with bright pink cheeks and very light blonde hair worn in a ponytail at the very top of her head held with a light pink bow. She wears a pink dress with plenty of white detailing, including a rounded collar, sash around her waist, frills, elbow length gloves, and ribbons. Her shoes are glass slippers of course.

The full size doll has cheeks closer to her skin tone. Her colors are darker in this form, and her dress has small differences, like the skirt being a two-layer, silk skirt with very thin light pink decorations different from what is on the mini. Her shoes are the same, but with the addition of wrapping around the ankle, resembling ballerina slippers.


Cinder Slippers has a white mouse who has a little pink bow on her left ear and wears a very light pink dress.

In the recent image, she's shown with a pink curly tail, so it's possible she is a rat.


Cinder Slippers lives in a light pink castle with a white heart at the top of the tower.



  • Cinder Slippers originally had tan skin, but the full size doll has lighter skin.
  • She is the third Tales mini to become enlarged, the first two being Pix E. Flutters and Coral Sea Shells.


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