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Lalaloopsy Littles include 35 characters so far. For more information, feel free to visit their individual pages: For the Silly Hair Littles click here. For the Mini Littles click here. Sister Packs are the older siblings sold with their respective Littles, see the list here.

The Littles

Beauty Fairest

Her pet is an apple and she is Snowy's little sister, made from Snow White's dress. Birthday: July 3rd

Blanket Featherbed

Icon - Blanket Featherbed
Blanket is the younger sister of Pillow Featherbed. Unlike her sister however, she loves staying up all night. She was sewn on October 23rd from pieces of a baby's blanket and has a lamb for a pet.

Bow Bah Peep

She's Little Bah Peep's little sister with a pet lamb. Made on April 10 from Little Bo Peep's bonnet.

Breeze E. Sky

She is the younger sister of Cloud E. Sky

Bundles Snuggle Stuff

Icon - Bundles Snuggle Stuff
Bundles is the younger sister of Mittens Fluff 'N' Stuff. She loves anything to do with snow - snowball fights, building snowmen, and making snow angels. She was sewn on January 6th from pieces of an Eskimo's scarf and has a yarn ball bear for a pet.

Cape Riding Hood

She's Scarlet's little sister with a pet yarn ball wolf pup. She was sewn from Red Riding Hood's cape on February 7.

Dream E. Wishes

She is Smile E. Wishes' little sister.

Giggly Fruit Drops

She is Sugar Fruit Drops' little sister.

Kiwi Tiki Wiki

Icon - Kiwi Tiki Wiki
Kiwi is the younger sister of Mango Tiki Wiki. She can spend all day under a palm tree with her toes in the sand. She loves to hula and look for seashells. She was sewn on September 2nd from pieces of a grass skirt and has a coconut for a pet.

Mallow Sweet Fluff

She is the younger sister of Toasty Sweet Fluff

Matey Anchors

Icon - Matey Anchors
Matey is the younger brother of Marina Anchors. Matey adores the life on sea. Ranging from making and playing with paper sailboats to swimming the doggie paddle!

Much like Marina, he has a liking to making knots. But he cannot untie them just yet. He was sewn on July 1st from pieces of a sailor's uniform and has a crab for a pet.

Mimi La Sweet

Icon - Mimi La Sweet
Mimi is the younger sister of Suzette La Sweet. She loves bite sized cupcakes and mini donuts. Her favorite thing is wearing princess clothes and practicing a perfect curtsey. She was sewn on October 14th from a duchess' dress and has a pupcake for a pet.

Petal Flowerpot

Icon - Petal Flowerpot
Petal is the younger sister of Blossom Flowerpot. She's gentle, super sweet, and a bit impatient. She loves planting flowers but doesn't always like waiting for them to grow! She was sewn on May 30th from a pair of gardener's gloves and has a snail for a pet.

Pita Mirage

Icon - Pita Mirage
Pita is the younger sister of Sahara Mirage. She loves granting wishes and playing the flute, even though she only knows one note. Her favorite place to nap is her "magic" carpet. She was sewn on August 11th from a real genie's veil and has a snake for a pet.

Posy Golden Petals

Posy is the younger sister of Mari Golden Petals. She loves marigolds, like her sister. She also loves sunny days, and can brighten up any room with her cheerful demeanor! She was sewn on March 12 from a marigold and has a sprout for a pet.

Red Fiery Flame

Icon - Red Fiery Flame
Red is the younger sister of Ember Flicker Flame. She's fast on her feet and loves helping, especially when it involves blowing out candles... even when they're on someone else's birthday cake. She was sewn on October 11th from pieces of a firefighter's uniform and has a red chili pepper for a pet.

Ribbon Slippers

Ribbon was made from Cinderella's gown. Her pet is a pumpkin and she's Cinder's little sister. Birthday: May 10

Scribbles Splash

Icon - Scribbles Splash
Scribbles is the younger sister of Spot Splatter Splash. She loves mixing colors to see which brand new color evolves as well as making plenty of spills.

Usually in her spare time, Scribbles will be finger painting. She was sewn on January 28th from pieces of a painter's overalls and has a giraffe for a pet.

Sherri Charades

Icon - Sherri Charades
Sherri is the younger sister of Charlotte Charades. Sherri is super-mischievous but very quiet. She loves playing jokes, practicing her silly walk, and eating big invisible sandwiches! She was sewn on January 7th from a mime's glove and has a croissant for a pet.

Specs Reads-a-Lot

Icon - Specs Reads-a-Lot
Specs is the younger sister of Bea Spells-a-Lot. She's a great student who loves eating apples and getting gold stars.

She's a bit bashful, and she prefers to not talk a lot. But, she still gets good grades! She was sewn on March 14th from pieces of a school girl's uniform and has a bookworm for a pet.

Spoons Waffle Cone

Icon - Spoons Waffle Cone
Spoons is the younger sister of Scoops Waffle Cone. She loves anything with sprinkles on it. When she's eating ice cream, she always tries to use a big girl spoon, but usually she makes a huge mess. She was sewn on July 23rd from ice cream and has an ice cream kitten for a pet.

Sprinkle Spice Cookie

Icon - Sprinkle Spice Cookie
Sprinkle is the younger sister of Crumbs Sugar Cookie. She's got a huge appetite and also a serious sweet-tooth. Her favorite things are fresh cookies and licking cake batter from the bowl. She was sewn on May 15th from pieces of a baker's apron and has a cookie mouse for a pet.

Squirt Lil Top

Icon - Squirt Lil&#039; Top
Squirt is the younger sister of Peanut Big Top. She's a performer and a bit of a showoff. Her best tricks are somersaults and juggling...but just one thing at a time. She was sewn on January 19th from pieces of a clown's costume and has a peanut for a pet.

Streamers Carnivale

She is the younger sister of Confetti Carnivale

Stumbles Bumps 'N' Bruises

Icon - Stumbles Bumps &#039;N&#039; Bruises
Stumbles is the younger sister of Rosy Bumps 'N' Bruises. She's a perfect patient who always takes her medicine, loves to wear bandages, and is sure she's coming down with the sillies! She was sewn on February 7th from pieces of a nurse's uniform and has a teddy bear for a pet.

Tiny Might

Icon - Tiny Might
Tiny is the younger sister of Dyna Might. She loves to leap off her bed and jump over her pet hedge hog. She uses her favorite beach towel as a cape even though it's a little long and sometimes she trips on it. She was sewn on September 25th from a hero's cape and has a hedge hog for a pet.

Tricky Mysterious

Icon - Tricky Mysterious
Tricky is the younger sister of Misty Mysterious. She is super-stupendous and an excellent assistant. She loves making up magic words and waving her wand, but before you know it, she disappears! She was sewn on February 29th from a magician's cape and has a carrot for a pet.

Trinket Sparkles

Icon - Trinket Sparkles
Trinket is the younger sister of Jewel Sparkles. She is a very fancy girl who loves shiny gems and frilly dresses. Trinket adores lots of attention! She was sewn on May 24th from pieces of a real princess' dress and has a yarn ball kitten for a pet.

Trouble Dusty Trails

Icon - Trouble Dusty Trails
Trouble is the younger sister of Prairie Dusty Trails. As the new sheriff in town, she loves wearing big boots, kicking up dust, and making sure that everyone takes a nap at high noon! She was sewn on May 1st from pieces of a cowgirl's vest and has a play riding pony for a pet.

Twinkle N. Flutters

Icon - Twinkle N. Flutters
Twinkle is the younger sister of Pix E. Flutters. Full of energy, she is a mischievous little sprite who loves to play and tease others, and put on light shows! Sometimes pixie dust makes her sneeze. She was sewn on February 2nd from pieces of a real fairy's dress and has a firefly for a pet.

Twirly Figure Eight

Icon - Twirly Figure Eight
Twirly is the younger sister of Swirly Figure Eight. She loves seeing her breath when it's cold outside. Her big trick is skating in a circle, but sometimes she gets a little dizzy. She was sewn on February 1st from an ice skater's costume and has a seal for a pet.

Twisty Tumblelina

Icon - Twisty Tumblelina
Twisty is the younger sister of Tippy Tumblelina. She is lighthearted and always light on her toes. She can balance in one foot, but sometimes falls over laughing. She was sewn on February 7th from pieces of a ballerina's tutu and has a duck for a pet.

Whiskers Lion's Roar

Icon - Whiskers Lion&#039;s Roar
Whiskers is the younger sister of Kat Jungle Roar. She is as playful as a lion cub and can roar as ferociously as a lion. She loves to go on safari with Kat and often can be found wiggling her tail, growling, or hunting for candy! She was sewn on October 29th from pieces of a safari outfit and has a lion cub for a pet.

Whispy Sugar Puff

She does not have an older sister

Wishes Slice O' Cake

She is the younger sister of Candle Slice O' Cake

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