Cape Riding Hood is Lalaloopsy Land's littlest forest adventurer! Cape is the little sister of Scarlet Riding Hood. Her name comes from the bright red cape that she was sewn from and also wears!

About Cape


Cape is a brown skinned girl with soft pink cheeks and light pink hair. Her hair is covered by her red hood but is tied back into two small pigtails positioned by her cheeks. Her bangs sweep above her eyes.

She wears a sleeveless red and white checkered dress with two red pockets on the front of her midsection. Wrapped around her dress is a matching red cape with a hood that goes over her head. Both the cape and dress have a white trim with a lace pattern. Her shoes are red high top sneakers with white soles, laces, and toes.


Cape's pet is a little pup made out of a ball of dark gray yarn. Resting on its head is a deep red bow, it has tiny black eyes and a nose with small fluffs of fur on its sides. It has blushing light pink cheeks.


Cape lives with Scarlet Riding Hood, her older sibling.


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