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Cake Fashion is a game on the Official Lalaloopsy Girls website.

How to play

Bake and Create a yummy dress in this creative game. By matching the ingredients you can create all sorts of special combinations and items.


Need some help trying to make a specific item? Look no further, here is a list of the combinations found in the game:

  • 2 Eggs - Omlette Cake with mushrooms and vegetables
  • 1 Egg and 1 Flour - Angel Food Cake that's pale gold, has white angel wings and many pink pearls
  • 1 Flour and 1 Milk - Two trays of blue Cupcakes stacked on each other.
  • 2 Milk - Tres Leches Cake with square shape and yellow coloring.
  • Egg and Butter - Red Bundt
  • Flour and Butter - Sponge Cake with white cream
  • Milk and Butter - Pancakes with syrup and butter
  • Egg and Fruit - A Strawberry Cake that's pink with strawberries
  • Fruit and Flour - Lemon Jello
  • Fruit and Milk - Princess Cake
  • 2 Fruits - Fruit Jello with red coloring and fruit pieces
  • Egg and Chocolate - Chocolate Cake
  • Chocolate and Flour - Red Velvet Cake
  • Fruit and Chocolate - Black Forest Cake
  • Eggs and Sugar - Marble Cake with vanilla and chocolate swirl pattern
  • Butter and Sugar - Birthday Cake
  • Sugar and Milk - Ice Cream Cake with Neapolitan layers
  • Sugar and Fruit - Lollipop Cake with two layers, pale yellow coloring and lollipop decor
  • Egg and Pop Crackling Candy from the Random Candy pile - Dynamite Cake
  • Flour and Fish Candy from the Random Candy pile - Fish Cake
  • Milk and Bowl of Cereal from the Random Candy pile - Rainbow Cake
  • Butter and Lollipops from the Random Candy pile - Glow Cake with blue coloring
  • Fruit and Bag of Jellybeans from the Random Candy pile - Xylophone Cake
  • 2 Pizza from the Random Candy pile - Pizza Cake


  • When messing up or combining wrong items, the player will make a tin can and tire. But it is considered garbage and is not wearable.
  • You can add up to 11 layers of cake for the dress.


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