Bubbly Mermaid is the second spin-off line of Lalaloopsy mermaids to encourage playing in the water, following the discontinuation of the Sew Magical Mermaid line.


Bubbly Mermaid dolls come with refillable bubble solution that can be poured into the head, when squeezed the doll's hair will begin to grow foaming bubbles. Each doll comes with a squeezable pet that can squirt water, similar to its predecessors' pets.


The line, initially released in January 2014 as a pair, features two separate characters. 

  1. Ocean Seabreeze
  2. Pearly Seafoam


  • On March 3, 2014 - Bubbly Mermaid released its first commercial. It was announced on its Facebook page and released through its YouTube channel. 


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