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Bubbles Smack 'N' Pop
Bubbles Smack 'N' Pop doll - mini
Sewn on February 3rd
Sewn from A Stick of Bubble Gum
Pet Bubble Gum Bear

Animation - Merchandise

Bubbles Smack 'N' Pop is just the pinkest, bubbliest resident of Lalaloopsy Land! She's got a bubbly personality, and she always sticks by her friends. A bundle of fun, she thinks pink makes any outfit really pop! Her name is based off of her love for bubbles, as well as the smacking and popping sound she can make with her bubble gum!

About Bubbles


She has fair skin and bright pink cheeks. Her hair is pink with straight cut bangs and long hair worn in bubble-shaped pigtails at the bottom of her head. She wears a pink, bubbly bow in her hair while her eyes are normal black buttons. Her most noticeable feature is the piece of bubblegum she's usually seen blowing into bubbles.

Bubbles' outfit is a reddish-pink puff-dress with puffed princess-sleeves and a very puffed out skirt. She wears light pink bracelets, along with knee high magenta socks and pink tennis shoe styled boots.


Bubbles' pet is a bubble gum bear. It's pink with translucent legs and ears. It has black eyes and a small black nose.


Bubbles lives in her Bubble Gum Shoppe.


  • February 3rd is Bubble Gum Day.
  • She is not the only Lalaloopsy to have a non-visible mouth. Bundles Snuggle Stuff has a non-visible mouth in her mini, replaced by her pacifier.
  • Bubbles, Trinket Sparkles, and Pumpkin Candle Light are the only Lalaloopsies to wear bracelets.
  • She might have a loss of talking, due to be blowing bubbles.

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