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Blossom Flowerpot was released first in December 2010 as a standard large doll. 


Large Core Doll

Line: Large
Release: December 2010
Description: Blossom Flowerpot as a standard large core doll, the first merchandise for this character.
Trivia: Blossom's prototype originally had a lighter complexion.

Series 2 Mini

Line: Mini
Release: May 2011
Doll(s) included: Blossom Flowerpot Ser. 2
Piece(s) included:
  • Butterfly
  • Watering can
  • Trowel
  • Flower pot
Description: Blossom Flowerpot's first mini, copies the look of her classic large doll.

Series 6 Mini

Line: Mini
Release: October 2011
Doll(s) included: Blossom Flowepot Ser. 6
Piece(s) included:
  • Butterfly
  • Honey pot
  • Honey wand
  • Flower pot
Description: Blossom Flowerpot's second mini, her 2nd edition Blossom's a Busy Bee.

Sew Sweet Playhouse Mini

Line: Mini
Release: April 2012
Doll(s) included: Blossom Flowerpot
Piece(s) included:
Description: Blossom Flowerpot's third mini. Included with Sew Sweet Playhouse.

Series 10 Silly Funhouse Mini

Line: Mini
Release: June 2012
Doll(s) included: Blossom Flowerpot & Charlotte Charades Ser. 10
Piece(s) included:
  • Butterfly
  • Invisible pet
  • Wings
  • Balloon
  • Accordion
Description: Blossom Flowerpot's fourth mini, Silly Funhouse

Soft Doll

Line: Soft
Release: December 2012
Description: Blossom Flowerpot as a soft plush doll with printed fabric and soft pet butterfly.
  • Larger than standard soft dolls.

Sister Pack Mini

Line: Mini
Release: June 2014
Doll(s) included: Blossom Flowerpot (Sister Pack) & Petal Flowerpot
Piece(s) included: Butterfly
Description: For the first time, Blossom's little sister Petal has been made mini and both are sold together.

Baby Doll

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