This page describes Blossom Flowerpot's relationships with other characters in the Lalaloopsy series and other media sources.


Petal Flowerpot

Petal is her younger sister.



Blossom has no known enemies or rivals.

Love interests

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Forest Evergreen

Timber Forest and Blossom

This is one of the rare relationships that take place over many media. Forest is close to her as often he came to help her. In Timber, Forest wanted to cut her tree down, but Forest discovered that it was very special to her. At one point, she put her arm around Forest. In Belly Laugh, she gave him flowers, but Forest didn't like the scent of the flowers. In Cherry on Top, Forest said "Happy Birthday" to her, and even helped her pull out all the weeds. He came to her birthday party. In Winter's Wonderful Ice and Snow Show, he helped Blossom find the snail. At the ice rink, they held hands and skated together. Blossom and Forest have an on/off relationship, as Forest found Blossom a bit annoying in the Belly Laugh episode.

ved Relationships
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