Blanket Featherbed is Lalaloopsy Land's littlest sleepyhead! She enjoys a good nap now and then, though perhaps not as much as her older sister. While her older sister may be the first to fall asleep during a slumber party, she will be one of the last since she prefers to stay up and play! She loves to watch the night stars, have pillow fights, and snore really loudly! Blanket is the younger sister of Pillow Featherbed. Her name is based off a bed covering used for warmth.

About Blanket


Blanket is a fair-skinned girl with equally pale pink cheeks and big black button eyes. Her hair is a slightly lighter shade compared to her older sister's, and her bangs are straight cut with a small section separated on the right side. She wears her tiny pigtails on the top of her head.

Like her sister, she is always dressed in bedtime clothes. She wears a striped pale pink and magenta sleeping bag like piece that covers her entire body, except for her hands, and has a hood attached. The lining, and heart-shaped patch are white and orange striped. At her chest is a long zipper piece, along with a small Velcro section that keeps the zipper covered at the top.


Her pet is a small fluffy lamb with a tuft of white hair and a big orange bow on its head. Its muzzle is pale pink while its mouth is a magenta X. Its eyes are the common black buttons while the inside of its ears are pale pink.

It may be related to Sheep, her sister Pillow's pet.


Main article: Pillow's house

Blanket lives with her older sister, Pillow.


  • October 23rd is Stay Up Late Day.
  • Blanket Featherbed may very well have taken a few elements from the other Littles, such as having the exact same hairstyle as Bundles', except purple. She has the same skin and almost the same hair color as Trinket's, and her bottle is most likely a recolor of Sprinkle's.
  • Despite the Lalaloopsy movie being all about Pillow, Blanket makes no appearances, but this is probably because she was made after the movie came out.
  • Blanket is the second Lalaloopsy Little to have no shoes, as Bundles Snuggle Stuff was the first.
  • Lamb is called Little Sheep in the animated series.
  • She, Bundles, and Whiskers have hoods.


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