Here is a list of books that Bea Spells-a-Lot owns and are shown in the Lalaloopsy™ TV Series.

  • Lalaloopsy Land Record Breaking Records
  • Multicolored Stripes and How to Cure Them
  • Home Remedies for Silly Skin Squiggles
  • Spot Lights
  • Spot Welding
  • Everything You Need To Know About Curing Unkown Illnesses
  • Everything You Need to Know About the Moon and How to Copy It
  • How to Pull Taffy
  • How to Pull Teeth
  • How to Pull Taffy Off of Teeth
  • How to Pull a Rabbit Out of a Hat
  • How to Get Over Your Fear of Hats
  • How to Get Over Your Fear of Huts
  • How to Get Over Your Fear of Heights
  • How to Fix Something in 30 Minutes
  • How to Fix Something in 5 Minutes or Less
  • Berries and Jams Through the Ages
  • Our Many Feathered Friends
  • Stick and Stones and Other Insults
  • Stick Figures and How to Draw Them
  • Really, Really, Really Rare Plants
  • The Star Book
  • Leatherbacks, Diamondback
  • Bouncing Back from Setbacks
  • The Rip-Roaring Adventures of Bella Star and the Curly Kid
  • The Book of Books
  • Snorings of Bore

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