This song is from Episode 2a of the Netflix Series "Were Lalaloopsy". This was sung by Storm E. Sky and Spot Splatter Splash.


Some mornings you wake up on the wrong side of the bed.

Check out the mirror screen, what's that on my head?

(What is that?)

I brush it and brush it, no hair spray will do.. (ah,ah)

Ain't no doubt about it, I have got the bad hair day bluues (bad hair day blues...... tah.)

Chorus beat:

Hair without hair tie loss to roam free

Hair is all curly, that's the look for me

Don't need to take a comb and I don't wanna grab a hat

I'd love the way my hair flys, I wont' be going back.

Spot: Hey (x2)     ha, ha, ha      ooooooohhhhhhh  yeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaa     oooooo  hhhhh.


We're Lalaloopsy - Bad hair day blues00:54

We're Lalaloopsy - Bad hair day blues

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