Bad hair day blues its a song featured on the episode "Spot's good hair day" of the Netflix series "We're Lalaloopsy". It was sung by Storm E. Sky and Spot Splatter Splash.


[Storm E.]
Some mornings you wake up,
on the wrong side of the bed.
[Spot]: That's right.

Check out the mirror,
scream: "What's that on my head?"
[Spot]: What is that?

I brush it and brush it,
no hair spray will do.
[Spot]: Uh, Uh.

Ain't no doubt about it,
I got the bad hair day blues.
[Spot]: Bad hair day blues, tah.

[Chorus beat]
Hair without hair ties, loose to roam free
[Spot]: Booyah!
Hair is all curly, that's the look for me.

Don't need to take a comb,
and i don't wanna grab a hat.

I love the way my hair flies,
i wont' be going back.

Hey, hey.
Ha, ha, ha.    
Ooooooohhhhhhh yeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaah.

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