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When Crumbs Sugar Cookie twists her wrist, she can't make her famous apple pie for Pickles B.L.T.'s diner.


Pickles and Hot Dog are getting ready for the lunch rush. They have everything ready at the diner except for Crumbs’ dessert. While they are making pickle burgers, Rosy stops by to let them know that Crumbs couldn’t make a pie because she twisted her wrist. She gives Crumbs’ pie recipe to Pickles so she can make it herself.

While Pickles works on the pie, Hot Dog finishes making the burgers. Pickles is just about to add the top crust when Hot Dog accidentally flings pickles into the pie! Hot Dog tries to warn her, but Pickles is distracted because her customers are arriving.

Crumbs and Rosy decide to skip lunch and go straight to dessert. They notice that the pie tastes and looks different from the recipe, only to discover a surprise ingredient. Pickles is confused about how they got into the pie. To her surprise, everyone likes it. She decides to add the new recipe Apple Pickle Pie to her menu.




  • Even though everyone is eating the pie, their slices aren’t getting smaller.
  • Pickles fails to address anyone as "Sugar" which contradicts her personality trait.



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