When Pillow Featherbed goes missing, the Lalaloopsy girls have to find her before Peanut Big Top's big surprise at sundown. At first, each girl has her own way of finding their lost friend, but they all soon realize that working together can make the search easier than ever.


The Lalaloopsies are playing at the playground. Pillow is taking a nap on the tire swing and Bea asks her to come play with the bouncy ball with her. Pillow misses Bea's throw and goes looking for the ball. Meanwhile, back at the playground, Peanut tells the girls she has a surprise for later, and to come to Lilac Meadow at sunset. The girls realize that Pillow's missing and go searching for her. Crumbs and Sprinkles bake cookies and drop the crumbs all over Lalaloopsy Land, hoping that Pillow will smell them and come back, but Sprinkle and Mouse started eating the cookie crumb trail and Crumbs tells them to stop. Page In Progress




  • Bun Bun Sticky Icing's snail appeared in the movie before she was introduced.
  • Coral Sea Shells' blowfish appears.
  • This is the first ever Lalaloopsy movie.
  • When Jewel and Crumbs were telling Sprinkle to watch out and be careful, Jewel and Crumbs swapped voices
  • The car resembles a Porshe 911
  • Bea should have retracted the stop sign on the bus before driving off.
  • At the very end of the movie, Pillow was sleeping, but in the very last frame, she was awake laughing with the other girls.



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