A Carousel Life is a song what the ponies sing in the movie "Lalaloopsy Ponies: The Big Show".



Similar pals can be really sweet
But a different friend, just can't be beat
Cuz parts of me and parts of you
Make something better, something new

It takes variety to put on a show
Needing each other helps friendship grow
On our own we're just okay, but together, we're a pretty bouquet


We're down, we're up, we're up, we're down
If we need a lift, a friend comes round
Back and forth, but there's a connection
Opposite views, can be the right direction

We laugh and play, we jump and spin
The same that way, together we win.
If life gives us an empty cup
We pick each other up up up up

(Chorus x2)

We're always goin' round n' round
A carousel life goes up and down
Clippity clippity clip clop clop
We're never going to stop stop stop


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