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What if I appear as a main character in a fanmade Netflix series?

I was planning in making a new series, mixing the Lalaloopsy series and Sonic for Hire. It'll be called: "Andriux for Hire"
This will focus on me in my quest to know my best capacities; with 30 almighty episodes each season! It'll take a total of 2 seasons; with the last episode finding my best capacity, including you to vote for the ending!
Hope this idea works! Coming soon for Netflix!
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I keep watching Festival of Sugary Sweets and there is NO mention of these things... AT ALL. They just randomly appear at the end! I wrote a letter to MGA Entertainment with this question and they STILL haven't replied! Please someone explain to me what these are!? Where they just for fun!? Something for a sequel that never got produced!? WHAT!? I'm going insane from trying to find out!
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Who is your favorite Lalaloopsy?

My favorite is Haley Galaxy.
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No Pet with Cherie Prim and Proper....?

No Pet with Cherie Prim and Proper....?
Really sad MGA! and she is even a DOG lover.
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More Lalaloopsy movies?

Would you like more movies, i bet i would. I'm just a big fan of lalaloopsies, so i thought MGAe would create and produce more lalaloopsy movies. I got some like Lalaloopsy Ponies 2: The Spectacular Adventure, Dot's Big Wish, Adventures in Lalaloopsy Land 2: The Great Lalaloopsy Land Festival, and Lalaloopsy Silly Funhouse.
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What about a Lalaoopsy Girls TV series?

If MGA made a Lalaloopsy Girls tv series, it would've been exciting! Who would they star in the tv show? How many episodes per season, 60? Yep, 60's good not too big or high, not too low or small. Can you name episodes for Lalaloopsy Girls and plot and small summaries and something else, too? Anyway, Lalaloopsy Girls TV show on with the ideas.
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What if they make Lalaloopsy babies spin-off?

If they make glow-in-the-dark Lalaloopsy babies that would be awesome! Dot Starlight and Haley Galaxy are the only ones i could think of unless for Toffee Cocoa Cuddles.
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What if Lalaloopsies Were Superheros?

I was thinking about new lines of Lalaloopsy like Sew Super Lalas, Lalaloopsy Preschool, Remote Talkative Lalas, Sew Popstar Lalas and anything else. Can you think of new lines of Lalaloopsy and who should be in there and what they are doing to these line ideas.
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What about an Lalaloopsy Amusement Park?

I was thinking that MGAe should create, build, and make an Lalaloopsy park with rides, food, attractions, gift shops and more. Go to my blog to see about it.
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Lala-ponies... What do you think about them?

How much longer do you think they'll last? Do you think they're selling well? How about that new pony movie? Do you even like these little dudes?

I personally was fine with the Oopsies horses and seahorses, because they only had a few of those, and thought the food ones were pretty cool when they first came out. But now they're EVERYWHERE (at Target, at least) and I can't stand it. The only ones I kinda like are those fruity o Here's Piña, probably my favorite horse. nes, like Piña and Pink Melon. How about you guys? I also like Flutterwings' color scheme. The glitter... Not so much.
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Lalaloopsy ANIME or Japanese dub?

Yes you know how mlp fim has a Japanese version. Maybe lalaloopsy will get an anime or Japanese version sometime.
So it will be something like this
Lalaloopsy: Sew Kawaii Desu Sew Kawaii
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Voice Actors?

The voice actors are not really matured enough to change their voice "amazingly" or perfectly.. Why didn't they just hire , like MLP cast which can "portray" IT better.. For some reason, I think of Pix E.'s voice is not supposed to be like tired? And that's what all I heard...
They suppose to be like portray those loopsies as they are though.. Or maybe the one who made the show just can't afford that..
And... Dot has a nice voice.. But it totally needs a better portraying voice... Same with Sunny.. It should not be very girly..... I was really amazed with the others though.. Bea , Pickles, and Mittens.... They're voice actresses have done well..
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